TubeTwist Quantum Flux Edition

TubeTwist Quantum Flux Edition 1.1

TubeTwist will have you solving puzzles for a long, long time
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TubeTwist: Quantum Flux Edition is a puzzle game created by 21-6 Productions and published by GarageGames. As with most games published by this company, TubeTwist is based in the Torque Game Engine. So how does a puzzle game using an 3D action game engine work? Well, it works pretty well. Although the formula isn't new, the game is very addictive. It is basically the old Pipe Dreams game, in which you had to connect the pipes in the correct order so the water could reach its destination. In TubeTwist however, you must use funnels in order to transport energy into macrotrons, which are devices that can hold large amounts of energy. The game also features a nice back story. While you are helping the Professor in the lab, an experiment opens a portal to another place. The professor went into the portal but it closes before she can come back. You must now recreate her experiments to help her. The puzzles in each level are challenging and have different ways of solving. This is the great thing about the game. TubeTwist also features nice backgrounds and an excellent presentation. It has been awarded with several Independent Game awards, and with good reason. This is a puzzle game you must have.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great graphics
  • Nice story
  • Excellent presentation
  • Good puzzles


  • Uses more resources than the average puzzle game
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